Transform Ministry Impact with an Integrated Funding Strategy


Discover Your Generosity Advantage

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Everything (and Everyone) Working Together

An integrated funding approach is the key to unlocking the potential of your ministry plan. This approach is not just one thing, but rather a combination of multiple strategies that all work together to ensure you are fully funded so that you can grow more disciples and fund more ministry. With this approach, you get a comprehensive, holistic view of all the possibilities and resources available to you for funding your ministry.

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A Proven Plan to Reduce Risk and Increase Generosity

Developing a plan for your integrated funding strategy is an important first step. Before you can develop an effective strategy, you need to understand your ministry's needs, goals and objectives. Once you have these in place, you are ready to create a plan is best for your specific ministry context and situation.

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Measure Effectiveness

Once you have developed your plan, it's time to put it into action. Ensure your team is aware of the plan and how each element of the integrated funding strategy fits together. Regularly monitor the progress you're making in order to ensure the plan is on track and that your ministry impact is growing as intended.

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Achieve Next Level Generosity

We believe every church and faith-based nonprofit has the potential to inspire a culture of generosity. We understand that it takes commitment and dedication to reach your generosity goals. Our team of proven ministry strategists, experienced fundraisers, and trained coaches can provide guidance and support every step of the way. Together, we can unlock your potential for increased life change and impact.

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Giving365 - Your On-Demand Library

Our no-cost, on-demand library is designed to help ministry leaders like you with all the tools you need in one place. Find lots of helpful stuff like tips, guides, and resources about how to create a culture of generosity in your ministry. We update our library regularly with new content to keep you inspired and informed. Check out Giving365 today and get access to helpful information right at your fingertips.


Your Next Step

Are you a ministry leader looking to embark on a new chapter in your journey? We invite you to take that first step towards making a lasting impact. Whether you're seeking advice on ministry strategies, tools for community outreach, or simply a network of like-minded individuals, we're here to walk alongside you. Don't hesitate; reach out today and let us help you grow more disciples and fund more ministry.